mCare Capabilities/Benefits


Packaged app (versus custom/hybrid solution)
Native apps for iOS and Android (not hybrid, not web-based)
40+ pre-built, mobile-tailored customer journeys validated by many service providers and their subscribers; continuous enhancements/additions
Trade dress/UX framework
Flexible architecture
Integration platform: library of data connectors to most commonly-used OSS/BSS infrastructure
Engagement platform: content management system (CMS), contextual notification services
Data platform: metrics and analytics services; near real-time monitoring and performance management services


Lower TCO and greater capability velocity
Pay for use, grow as needed
Rich, efficient customer experience
Higher usage and penetration rates and increased customer satisfaction
Quick, easy service launches
Rapid integration of new data connectors, adapters and/or channels
Faster time-to-market; attracts new users
Higher uptake of promoted services leading to increased revenue; encourages add-ons; enables on-the-fly updates inside the app without having to update the app itself
Better understanding of subscriber usage applied to increase penetration, maximizing customer satisfaction and reducing TCO