Packaged App Versus
Custom/Hybrid Solution

Why a packaged app for self-care?

$$$$ Custom
5 Customer Journeys
$$$ Hybrid
15 Customer Journeys
Packaged App
$$ Packaged App
40+ Customer Journeys

Building service provider self-care solutions that front-end aging and complex OSS/BSS infrastructure has unique challenges. Service providers typically use one of two approaches: custom or hybrid solutions.

Custom solutions give service providers everything they want, but they take longer to develop and are more expensive than hybrid solutions. Because of this, they are unable to keep up with new capabilities and changes to mobile OSes.

Some telcos who were unhappy with the long and costly development cycle for custom solutions tried hybrid solutions. Unfortunately, these mostly used mobile web views that didn’t take advantage of native apps so they end up costing nearly as much as custom solutions without the same benefits.

AwareX is the first to offer a cloud-based packaged app, mCare, which uses native apps for IOS and Android, resulting in

Faster time-to-market
Faster time-to-market
Lower TCO
Lower TCO
More customer journeys and supporting functionality
More customer journeys and supporting functionality
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mCare packaged app delivers dramatically higher ROI versus custom/hybrid solutions

Base functionality
Feature additions, OS changes
Advanced metrics/BI
Managed services
Average annual total
Sources: Awarex client data; build cost is 1/3 of 3-year cap-ex amortization, mCare pricing based on monthly average of 10,000-200,000 users
Let’s take a closer look at the costs associated with building either a custom or hybrid solution versus using a cloud-based packaged app like mCare. The chart above shows that the annual cost of the rent scenario is less than 20% of the build scenario – a huge difference without considering the additional benefits of faster time-to-market, increased functionality and context-aware services.

The mCare advantage versus custom/hybrid solutions

Solution source
Time to market
Deployment cost
Load on internal IT
Responsiveness to mobile OS
Custom developmentComponent solutionPre-packaged app
Internal IT team OSS/BSS Vendors, Systems IntegratorsmCare from AwareX
LONG: 18 months +MED: 12 monthsSHORT: 8-12 weeks
HIGH: $3-5MMMED: $1-3MMLOW: $300K-500K
Typically hybrid
Mixed hybrid/native
Fully native
LIMITEDNew features cause forks in developmentPublished roadmap,
2-4 upgrades/year
Requires on-going dedicated staff
Code base becomes custom over time
Delivered via cloud by AwareX
The chart highlights the advantages of mCare, the industry’s first self-service packaged app, over both custom and hybrid solutions. No wonder service providers like Telefonica, Claro and TELUS are using mCare to deliver mobile-first self-care to their subscribers today.