Introducing mCare: the industry-leading packaged self-care app

Native iOS and Android apps that enable service providers to deliver mobile-first self-care in record time
Cloud-based packaged app versus custom/hybrid solution
40+ customer journeys adaptable by customer
Data connectors to commonly-used service provider back-ends
Business intelligence dashboard delivers actionable insights

mCare reduces costs while increasing add-on revenue and customer satisfaction

mCare lowers service provider support costs as more subscribers use the app, reducing calls. At an average cost of $4 per call, the savings adds up.

By encouraging add-ons and delivering context-aware reminders and offers, mCare helps grow revenue.

And it increases customer loyalty by delivering great customer experiences with easy-to-use basic services plus context-aware services.

Subscribers enjoy 24×7 access without waiting for call center operators and manage their accounts wherever and whenever they want.


Why mCare?

Product approach
Native apps for iOS and Android
40+ customer journeys
Flexible architecture
Integration platform
Engagement platform
Data platform
Trade dress/UX framework
Greater Use by Existing Consumers
Attracts New Users
Encourages Revenue Add-Ons
Faster Time to Market
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