Context-Aware Services

Why does contextual awareness matter?

In addition to basic services, like topping up and payment, mCare enables context-aware services.
Let’s look at some examples. The first one is a home screen showing a location-based context card that changes based on the subscriber’s location and displays the closest service provider store address and directions. The second is a push notification sent to the subscriber informing them that they are at 90% usage and giving them a discount if they top-up at the nearby store within the next hour.
Above are service experience indication screens that let subscribers send descriptions of network issues, such as a dropped call, as well as an exact location of the occurrence to their providers.
Another context-aware example is travel pass need identification. When the phone’s GPS indicates that the subscriber has crossed a border into another country, a push notification can be sent offering a travel pass that provides the subscriber with international service while avoiding high roaming charges.
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